Metal Grating Slip Hazard Reduction

Non-Slip Metal Grating - The Options for Increased Traction Grip

Steel bar grating such as that made by Amico and Nucor is widely used across many industrial facilities as a robust floor for access ramps, stairs and factory catwalks.  Its high-strength-to-weight ratio enables safe walkways for heavy pedestrian traffic and associated loads, and it can be fabricated to suit many industrial installations.  Steel grating can be cut, welded and bolted to create made-to-measure structural access platforms, steps and ramps.  

The open-grid grate design of metal grating allows for ventilation, drainage and light transfer from one floor level to the next and reduces the accumulation of debris and standing water – all vital safety considerations in factories, mines, mills, oil & gas platforms, marine docks and energy facilities.  It also makes the ideal boarding for access steps and platforms on trucks and other large machinery.

However, the smooth metal surface of standard grating can soon turn the bearing bars into slippery, low-friction railroad tracks in moist, oily, or icy conditions.  Grating manufacturers have risen to this safety challenge and added traction to metal surfaces by either engineering the surface with serrations, or coating the surface with anti-slip skid-resistant treatments.  This is an important step in reducing slips, trips and falls in industry – the largest cause of non-motor vehicle fatal accidents. 

Serrated grating walkway
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Inclines and slopes are at higher risk of slip accidents and musculo-skeletal injuries. Here Titan traction grip clips provide additional safety

The Pros and Cons of 'Non-Skid' Metal Grating

Serrated bar grating was designed to provide a better anti-slip surface for industrial catwalks, as the serrations can help to increase traction and reduce the risk of slips and falls. However, it is important to note that the effectiveness of the serrations may be affected by factors such as the angle of incline, the type of footwear worn by workers, and the presence of liquids or other contaminants on the surface.  As the serrations are uniform across the entire walking surface, they can still become slippery in some situations, particularly areas exposed to moisture or grease contamination.  

The grating types that have a rough textured surface coating are good for reducing the risk of slips when clean and new.  However, as the grip is shallow, it can soon get filled-in by contamination caused by dirt, oil or ice, rendering its slip resistance useless.  If you buy this grating, choose the coarser grade for better traction.  Some grit coatings are longer lasting than others so consider how you will ensure the surface grip is periodically inspected and remains fit-for-purpose long-term.

Due to the above factors, it may be beneficial to consider additional non-slip coatings or anti-skid treatments to ensure maximum ongoing safety in industrial environments.  If your current walking surface has worn smooth, or is at risk of becoming slippery, we have good news!  You can easily add traction to upgrade the slip-resistance of your grating to better-than-new, so read on to discover the quickest way to do so…. 

How to Increase Surface Traction of Metal Grating

Whichever type of steel grating you have on site, you might need to increase the safety of your access floors, ramps and steps.  It might be that the grating installed is not providing sufficient inherent grip, or that certain zones are more prone to accidents and you want to protect your staff & visitors from injury and your business from compensation claim losses.  In some cases, it might be more effective to install standard metal grating and fit Titan’s traction clips where needed.  

Typical areas at higher risk of slips and loss of control include inclined ramps, inter-sections, loading bays, platform access and exits, stairs and large open areas exposed to rain, snow and ice.  These benefit from additional anti-slip measures in addition to visibly and tactilely marking out hazards and safe routes.    

The Titan U-Tred is ideal for site fixing in the field; quick to fit, with no bolts, wet coatings or welding needed.  They can be fitted as needed to provide grip, mark out pedestrian walkways, hazard zones and step edge definition.  Self-cleaning, highly visible and high-grip, these grip cleats can be fitted with just a mallet to nearly any Industry Standard metal grating.  Order a sample today to see how quick and easy it is to keep your workers and site visitors on their feet.

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