Accidents caused by slips, trips, and falls are among the leading causes of workplace injuries in industrial settings. These incidents not only result in physical harm but can also lead to financial losses and reduced productivity. Preventing such accidents requires a thorough understanding of the causes, implementation of comprehensive protocols, and the adoption of proactive […]

Promoting Workplace Safety Culture: Implementing Anti-Slip Solutions

Workplace safety is a critical aspect of any successful organization. Employers have a moral and legal responsibility to provide a safe environment for their employees. In industries where workers are exposed to hazardous conditions or challenging terrains, preventing accidents and injuries becomes even more crucial. One of the most common workplace accidents is slips, trips, […]

Stair Safety Strips – What Are The Options?

Two factors need to be considered when improving the safety of stairs in industrial environments. The first is visibility, as failing to see the edge of a step in dark or dimly-lit areas is a common cause of trip accidents. The second is traction; smooth, flat surfaces are dangerous if they become wet or contaminated, […]

Best Ways to Reduce Slip Hazards for Access Stairs, Ramps and Grating Walkways

Decrease Slip Risk on Industrial Walkways and Steps Are your steps and access floors losing their grip?  Or maybe the need to reduce the risk of slipping and falling accidents has been identified at certain points of your facility’s walkways; usually at a change of level such as steps, or often at an intersection or […]

Metal Grating Slip Hazard Reduction

Non-Slip Metal Grating – The Options for Increased Traction Grip Steel bar grating such as that made by Amico and Nucor is widely used across many industrial facilities as a robust floor for access ramps, stairs and factory catwalks.  Its high-strength-to-weight ratio enables safe walkways for heavy pedestrian traffic and associated loads, and it can […]

Study of Metal Bar Grating Slip Resistance Finds a Potential Design Flaw

Metal Bar Grating Slip Risk Reduction Open metal grated flooring has become a core feature of facility sites across many heavy industries.  It is used as a boardwalk to keep feet off an oily, slippery floor – or as catwalks and ramps to provide access to higher levels of storage or machinery. The open mesh […]

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