NLG Tether Loop – 150

$6.60 USD

The NLG Choke Tool Tether allows you to create an instant retro-fit tether point on power tools and heavy hand tools. Wrap the Choke around the tool, and pass the V Ring through the loop end to secure your tool. The Tool Choke will work on any larger tool with a captive handle or captive eye. The twin arm on the Choke allows it to be used on straight shafted tools, powertools, sledge hammers, heavy wrenches etc. Just choke or cinch the tool, then secure the tether in place using two wraps of Tether Tape around each arm. This prevents the choke sliding along the handle or onto a trigger. The versatility and simplicity of the Choke Tool Tether means that it can be easily reused again and againl. The Choke is ideal for any environment where heavy tools (up to 18KG in weight) are used, including Construction, Oil + Gas, Utilities, Renewables and more.

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