NLG Tether Choke – Twin Arm – 3 pc pack

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The NLG Choke Tool Tether allows you to create an instant retro-fit tether point on power tools and heavy hand tools. Wrap the Choke around the tool, and pass the V Ring through the loop end to secure your tool. The Choke Tether will work on any larger tools with a captive handle or captive hole. It can also be used on waisted tools, such as cordless drills, mag drills, impact wrenches and power saws. The Choke has been designed to give an ergonomic grip without affecting user productivity and tool performance. The versatility and simplicity of the Choke Tool Tether means that it can be easily reused on another tool. The Choke is ideal for any environment where heavy tools (up to 18KG in weight) are used, including Construction, Oil + Gas, Utilities, Renewables and more. Makes a perfect pairing with the NLG Heavy Duty Bungee Tool Lanyard.

Qty Per Pack: 3 pcs

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Sometimes things just get better – and that’s exactly the case with the NLG Tether Choke™ with two securing arms. Suitable for any tool up to 18kg in weight, the Tether Choke™ can be used on tools with captive handles and even straight sided tools such as sledge hammers, slogging wrenches etc.

Once the two securing arms are locked with NLG’s approved Tether Tape™, the most difficult to tether tools can be secured and the workplace becomes a safer place.



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Qty Per Pack

3 pcs


– Twin securing arm guards against movement across both straight-shafted tools and tools with long cylindrical handles
– Optimised V Ring design for extreme performance
– Extra high strength webbing delivers ultimate peace of mind
– Faster visual inspections with heavy-duty contrast stitching
– Clever contrast wear indicators ensure early warning of any structural damage
– Ergonomic and comfortable grip optimised for use on handles
– Works with Tether Tape™
– Unique serial number for easy identification and tracking
– CE marked
– ANSI/ISEA 121-2018 compliant
– Dynamic load tested and third-party certified (2:1 safety factor)
– Dimensions: 340mm x 25mm (twin arm 150mm)
– Max Load: 18KG (39.6lbs)


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