NLG Mini Coiled Tool Lanyard

$18.20 USD

The NLG MEWP Tool Bag is specifically designed for workers at height or on elevated working platforms that need a secure tool bag. It can be attached quickly and securely to any approved rail on a MEWP, scissor lift, cherry picker or scaffold using its unique Triple Lock attachment system. Utilising a range of advanced materials, this exceptionally durable bag has 6 load-rated attachment rings internally and 2 externally, a main compartment divided into 3 pockets, lined with a high-vis mesh for improved visibility within the pockets and small mesh pockets on the front of the bag for the storage small items. Additional elasticated loops at the base of the bag prevent any tilting of the bag in use. The NLG MEWP Tool Bag is ideal for shared workspaces and has been proven to perform in some of the harshest working conditions known.

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