NLG Ascent Bucket Liner

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The NLG Ascent Bucket is the market leader in drop prevention buckets. Constructed from reinforced PVC, the lifting bucket has a safe working load of 125kg. The base is covered in a coated leather for wear and abrasion resistance and the base reinforced with a pierce and puncture resistant composite insert. NLG Ascent Bucket is an ideal lifting or hoist bucket for transferring tools and materials on site and can be transformed into a tool storage system by adding the Ascent Bucket Liner. The 6 internal D rings are load rated anchor points for tethering tools to and remain usable after the Bucket Liner has been added. The unique Mega Mesh Lock Closure on the Ascent Bucket allows the user to see the contents of the bucket without compromising safety as it prevents items falling out of the bucket even if inverted accidentally.

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