NLG Ascent Bucket™ Liner – 2 pc pack

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A practical addition to the Ascent Bucket™, the Bucket Liner provides extra protective structure and storage pockets.

Qty Per Pack: 2 pcs

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The Bucket Liner is a purpose designed liner for the NLG Ascent Bucket™ to increase rigidity transforming the Ascent Bucket™ into a fully-fledged tool storage system for working at height. The liner forms a rigid lining to the bucket that retains its shape and protects the contents.

Once the Liner is added to the Ascent Bucket™, it adds 4 further tool storage pockets without interfering with the internal anchor D rings. A valuable addition to the bucket which can be easily inserted or removed and stored flat when not in use.



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Qty Per Pack

2 pcs


– Works with NLG Ascent Bucket™ to provide rigid body structure and increased content protection
– Four internal pockets for handy access and tool organisation
– Fast installation with easy Velcro fastening
– Simply store flat when not in use to minimise space requirement
– Unique serial number for easy identification and tracking
– CE marked
– Dimensions: 98cm (L) x 26cm (W)


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