Scaffolders Kit – 7 Tool Bungee

$999.00 USD

The fully tethered Bungee 7 Tool Scaffolders Kit comes assembled with seven quality tools and certified GRIPPS® bungee tool tethers, installed on a premium Comfort Work Belt with back support.

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Lightweight, functional and extremely heavy-duty, these kits are engineered to provide today’s Scaffolder with a tool system that out-performs expectations and is recognised as ‘best practice’ in the industry.

Key Features

  • Reinforced form-poly belt with 7 holsters.
  • Certified and load rated.
  • Rigorously site tested.
  • Lightweight and ergonomic.

Kit Contents

  • 1 x GRIPPS® Kit Bag
  • 1 x Comfort Work Belt With Back Support
  • 3 x Ratchet/Wrench Holster
  • 1 x Tape Measure Holster
  • 1 x Tape Measure Catch
  • 1 x Scaffold Key Holster
  • 2 x Single Tool Holster
  • 7 x Bungee Tether Dual-Action
  • 1 x Ergo Scaffold Hammer
  • 1 x Scaffold Ratchet
  • 1 x Shifter 10”
  • 1 x Knipex Nips
  • 1 x Stabila Scaffolders Level
  • 1 x Scaffolders Tape Measure
  • 1 x Stainless Steel Scaffold Key 1/2 With Coil Tether Single-Action


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