Mule Bag – 80.0kg

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The champion of the GRIPPS® lifting bag range, the Mule Bag provides a broad range of transportation and work-site mounting options.

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The tough design with multiple reinforcement points makes it one of the strongest lifting bags on the global market, purpose-built to operate and last in the harshest of workplace environments.

Tool transportation at height is no longer a juggling act with reinforced backpack straps allowing the Mule bag to be strapped on and carried, and a load rated lifting strap for when carrying heavier loads. 

An armoured insert protects the wearers back from sharp contents, while also keeping the Mule Bag upright and supported while not being worn.

Designed with accessibility in mind, the width of the bag allows for manual transportation even when climbing up caged ladders. 

The top opening can closed off via the heavy-duty zip, allowing you to secure bag contents against accidental spills.

If working on an Elevated Work Platform, use the mounting straps to create a mobile workstation, keeping your tools secure while your hands are free and your workspace is clear. Keep tools organised with a range of pockets, pouches and sheaths, including twin heavy-tool sleeves on the outside of the Mule Bag.

Key Features

  • Width compatible with standard Ladder Cages.
  • Reinforced backpack straps, EWP mounting straps & load rated lifting points.
  • A strong composite insert in the base of the bag protects against punctures.
  • Armoured insert for protection when wearing as a backpack.
  • Load rated heavy-tool sleeves on both sides of the bag.
  • Tether points inside & outside the bag for multiple tethering options.
  • Multiple compartments inside the bag for tool storage & organisation.


  • Height: 45cm / 18″
  • Width: 37cm / 15″
  • Depth: 18cm / 7.0″
  • Max Load (D-Ring): 2.5kg / 5.5lbs
  • Max Load (Lifting): 80kg / 176lbs


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